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Doggie Daycare

Our daycare facility has indoor and outdoor space for your dog to play and release pent up energy! Our outdoor play yard is equip with jungle gyms, small pools and sprinklers for summer months, and lots of space for your dog to roam around and have fun! Our large indoor space provides plenty of opportunity for your dog to enjoy themselves in the the cold winter months as well!


Day-by-Day Pricing


Full Day

Price: $31

Multiple Full Days (Within Same Week)

Price: $28 / 2nd Dog: $26

Half Day (Up to 6 Hours)

$20 / 2nd Dog: $15

Pre-Paid Packages


K-9 to 5

Price: $508

20 Full Days - $25.40 / Day

Playful Pooch

Price: $277

10 Full Days - $27.70 / Day

Half Day Hounds

Price: $349

20 Half Days - $17.45 / Day

Frisky Fido

Price: $183

10 Half Days - $18.30 / Day

*Tax not included

All dogs must pass a temperament check to qualify for daycare.


Daycare Hours

Monday - Friday

6:30am - 6:30pm

Saturday - Sunday

9:00am - 2:00pm

Pamper Your Pup

Don't have time for our self-serve dog wash? Add a bath and nail trim to your dog's daycare experience for an additional fee, or make an appointment separately.

Bath & Nail Trim (During Daycare)

Price: $31

Bath (No Daycare)

Price: $35

Nail Trim (No Daycare)

Price: $15

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